Frequently Asked Questions

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8:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.
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8:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.
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1.       What vaccinations does my dog need?

We require current Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccinations. 

2.       Will my dog be with any other dogs when boarding?

No, your pet will not be boarded with another pet during his or her visit with us. Your pet will go out for individual potty breaks and individual playtime, unless you request that he or she be socialized in group play.

3.       How many times does my dog go outside?

Boarding services include four 10-20 minute potty breaks.

Additional playtimes are available for purchase.

4.       Do I have to bring food?

No, boarding charges include breakfast and dinner for your pet. We provide Verus food, and feed according to your instructions. However, we know that pets sometimes have sensitive stomachs and that you would prefer to bring food from home. We can accommodate special feeding instructions, as well, for no additional cost.

5.       Can I bring my dogs bedding or toys?

Yes, you are welcome to bring any machine washable, labeled, toys or bedding from home.

6.       Can you give my dog medicine?

We can administer medication from home, if provided. If possible, we ask to have written instructions from your pet's veterinarian. If instructions from the vet are not available, we prefer medication be provided in a pill box, with each dosage separated into each section.

7.       Can my dog play with other dogs?

Yes, we offer an additional service of group play in our open field. This service is available for compatible dogs and can serve as a nice opportunity for your dog to receive socialization. 

8.    My dog doesn’t like to play with other dogs. Is there individual playtime?

Playtime is available also as an individual service. Your pet will enjoy time outside in our open field with one of our staff for play and exercise time.

10.   Are the boarding facilities climate controlled?

Yes, all of our boarding facilities are climate controlled.

11.   Are there any restrictions for specific breeds?

We do not have any breed restrictions.

12.   Can someone else pick up my dog?

Yes, another person can pick up your dog. We will ask for your authorization ahead of time.

13.   Is anyone there after hours or on holidays?

Our kennel facilities are located on our home property. We live just a step away from your pets and are always available to address their needs.


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