Pet Pampering


Your VIP pet will receive three play sessions, a special treat, and a tuck in service, where a staff member will sit with your pet and read a bedtime story. You will also receive pictures of your pet throughout the stay.


Your fur baby will love two extra trips playing outside with a loving staff member. They will also enjoy a tuck-in service, with a special treat.


Your fun friend will receive one extra play session, and one Frozen Kong.

TLC Package

Your pet will receive 2 extra pampering sessions, along with one extra walk, a special treat, and one cuddle time. We will also administer oral medication, if needed.

Puppy Package

Your puppy will receive 3 play sessions, a Frozen Kong, and tuck-in service.

Taxi Service

Busy day? Let us pick up your pet and bring them home! Our trained staff member will arrive in our "Pet Mover" and can pick up your pet, as well as bring them home. Price varies based on location. Call for more information!

Individual Play Time

Play time with a staff member, for pets who would like to exercise outside, but prefer not to socialize with other dogs.

Group Play Time

Group play sessions are available for compatible dogs and can serve as a nice opportunity for your dog to socialize with other dogs.

Cuddle Time

Your pet will spend time cuddling and relaxing with a member of our staff.

Special Treat

Your choice of one of our special treats to pamper your pet. These include pig ears, sweet potato chews, and frozen yogurt treats.

Frozen Kong

A Kong stuffed with your choice of peanut butter, yogurt, or pumpkin for your pet.

Tuck In Service

Just before bed, we will help your pet relax with a bed-time story and a treat!

Swimming Session

Your pet will spend time playing with a staff member in our in-ground pool.

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Providing Pet Boarding, Daycare, and Pet Grooming Services to Culpeper, Warrenton, Gainesville, Northern Virginina, Charlottesville, and the surrounding areas since 2001.